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Our Coronavirus Post 😁

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

We’ve been seeing everyone updating their followers on how they are doing with all this craziness. We figured that we should probably let you know how we are doing as well. We are both healthy right now, as are the adventure pups, thankfully. We are both still working and Laurie is still in the office with company-stated plans to be able to work from home some time in the future. We are doing well finding food and supplies and so far have only had minor issues finding what we were looking for or needed. We are keeping stationary as has been advised, we have a spot in a private campground that we can stay in long term. We are waiting to see what April brings to see if we will be able to keep our plans to return to Arkansas for some riding.

We hope that you are doing well and staying safe and healthy. Keep practicing social distancing, frequent hand washing, and sanitizing when needed. We hope that in these times of being forced to stay inside and out of public places you will be able to get some things completed that you’ve been putting off. Maybe now is the time to start your downsizing! This is a great time to check all the expiration dates in your medicine cabinet and refrigerator. Maybe you take this time to strengthen your bond with your family or give even more attention to your pets. Let’s look upon this with positivity as that will help us to get through this better.

There will be an end, at some point, to the spread of this virus but it might take awhile. Let’s keep our heads straight, be aware of our surroundings, and stay vigilant. Watch the CDC or WHO websites for updates on suggestions for what to do. We’ve also seen a list on Campendia of campground and park closings by state which can be helpful if you are on the road. Try to limit unessential travel at this point and get to a place where you can safely stay for a while if needed. We will be back in touch soon, after all we have a week #3 update to give you!

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