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Our First Week of Full Time RV Living

Well, we did it. We made it through the first week of living full time in the RV. We organized everything we brought in which required a lot of plastic and fabric bins as well as creative thinking. The RV is pretty functional at this point, so we achieved that goal pretty quickly. We've cooked, cleaned, found out how to handle the trash and laundry, as well as solved the issue of deep cabinets with lots of storage but trouble with access once full. We've worked as team on each issue that came up and solved it together.

We work well as a team, which is why we knew we would be fine even in this small space. We enjoy each other's company and genuinely like to be around each other so living in under 140 square feet, we feel, will not only be enjoyable but preferable to our old way of living. Plus, we have better opportunities to travel now.

It only took three days for me (Laurie) to lock myself out of the RV. It happened to be the coldest day in a long time, low 20s and super windy. This morning Drac decided that he had to pee so badly that he would take the steps himself rather than wait to be carried down. He ran out without his leash on, naturally I panicked that we would get in trouble for him not having a leash on. At that moment, emboldened by seeing Drac take the stairs by himself, Tripp also decided he could do it himself. Now both dogs are on the grass sans leashes. In my panicked state of trying to get their leashes on, the door closed in the wind and the handle was locked. My keys and phone were inside the RV. Luckily I was wearing my Galaxy watch which was still connected by bluetooth to my phone. I was able to text Dominic that I locked myself out and our neighbor from our house. It was so cold that we could not stay by the RV to stay connected to my phone.

We walked to the office. Well, it was too cold for the puppies and they gave up on walking about half way there. I picked up their tiny bodies and continued walking to the office which was thankfully open. We took shelter, called Dominic who was already on his way back to unlock the camper, and our neighbor showed up. We have such a great support system. Dominic got us back into the camper, we discussed never stepping out of the camper without keys, and he went back to work. It was an exciting morning to say the least.

This was also the same day that I switched the showerhead for a low flow head with a pause button. It is an amazing showerhead. The installation took minutes with only a square head screwdriver typical of RVs and is a huge improvement. The rest of the day was uneventful.

The adventure pups enjoyed going for lots of walks in our new place. Not having access to their doggy door, they are relearning that if they need to go out, they will need to go out with us when we ask them to. They figured out that walks mean smelling lots of pee-mail and learning about all the other dogs in the RV park. They are loving their new life.

Our impressions after the first week are that we are happy with our choice, we love our new home, and we are excited for the future. We can't wait to see what comes next and to share it with you.

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