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Pupdate #2

Welcome back to my blog all you puppy lovers out there! Today was a big day for me, The Bat! My humans always play ball with me inside the house. Sometimes they tried to bring the ball outside the house and I would tell them it is different. They never believed me. The ball doesn't act the same outside. The outside is for sunning, walkies, smelling new things, meeting friends, and bathroom stuff, not for playing.

Well friends, I have to say that I may have been wrong. You see, about 30 or so sleeps ago we went to the fenced in place but didn't go inside. There were other dogs there and their ball was doing what my ball does inside but it was outside! I watched them chase the ball that their human threw, catch it, and bring it back to their human and drop it on the ground. Mind blown guys! I had to digest this information for a while to see if I could figure out how to get my ball to do that.

Well today, 4/29/2020 was the day. I wanted to play ball in the house and I was so excited. The ball kept slipping from under my feet and getting away, just the way I like it. My humans saw that I was having a great time playing ball and they wanted to make it even better for me. They took my ball and I was so happy that I was going to get to chase it, then they took me and the ball outside. Well I had my crazy face on and I was ready to go on a learning adventure!

Dom threw my ball and it sailed through the air just like in the house! It fell to the grass and I could still see it because it's my favorite color, orange. Side note: us dogs see orange and blue best out of all the colors available. I picked it up and ran back to him as fast as I could and dropped the ball for him to throw again. I did it! I played ball outside like a real dog, like a big dog! Everyone was so happy about this that we played until I couldn't play anymore. Running outside takes a lot more energy than running inside. 

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