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Review of 2018 Orbea Occam TR H50

What a difference a properly fitting bike can make! Previously we were riding entry level bikes that we purchased online but they were small frames on 26” tires. They were not right for us and we are so glad to have found these bikes. We purchased our 2018 Orbea Occam TR H50 mountain bikes on May 28, 2018. We both chose the black frame model. Dom got a medium size frame and Laurie, AKA Baby Giraffe, got a large size frame.

These bikes were a serious upgrade for us and we noticed the difference right away. We now had the right size bike for each of our bodies and also had good geometry which allowed us to master trails that we would not have even attempted on our old bikes. The hydroformed triple butted frame keeps the weight low while maintaining extreme strength. The 29” wheels conquer obstacles without hesitation. The transmission shifts smoothly and immediately every time while having enough gears even for a beginner. The Fox Float air shock in the rear is adjustable on the fly which allows us to customize our ride for different sections of each trail without having to put a foot on the ground. The Rock Shox front shocks also can be adjusted quickly while riding after some practice. This ability to change the “Squish” mid-ride has proven invaluable to us as we start to learn where the climbs and exposed roots live on our favorite trails. We are very pleased with them and how they’ve helped us to increase our riding abilities in such a short amount of time.

We did make some upgrades however Laurie’s are mostly for cosmetic reasons. Our performance upgrades have been: grips, clip-in pedals, we converted the tires to tubeless, and we converted the transmissions to a 1 by 11 which caused two bike technicians with 30 years of experience between them to be stumped into learning something new. The derailleur direct mount was too short to attach to the rear fork. We also changed our handlebars and Dom changed his handlebar stem. After this was ironed out, the bikes now run even more beautifully and are great for the types of trail that we ride.

We do want to try out some of the other professional level brands. We are very likely to stick with Orbea in the future due their great quality however, we are leaving our minds and options open to new information. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions on gear and different brands. Please leave a comment on why you love your bike or your favorite modification.

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