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Review of Arbor Hills Concrete Trails in Plano, TX

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Arbor hills in Plano, TX has two options for riding mountain bikes, off-road and concrete trails. When we first began riding, we tried the off-road trail but didn't make it very far as we were inexperienced at reading trail signs and were unsure if we were heading in the correct direct. We turned around and went back to the concrete trail. This has become our backup trail when every other trail in our area is closed due to rain. In 2018 it rained so frequently from August through December that all of the trails within an hour of our home were closed just about every day. If it wasn't for this trail, we would only have the streets to ride bikes on. This concrete trail is an easy level with the only technical parts being climbs.

A hint to riding the concrete trail is, show up early. This trail is p-a-c-k-e-d! Everyone is at this trail after 10am. They recently added a second parking lot and you will still circle and wait for parking. There are walkers, joggers and runners, people with dogs, people with kids, people with strollers (yes, these count differently as they all take up a different amount of space and behave erratically in different manners), kids on bikes and scooters, and other adults on bikes. Thousands of people. However, the trail is long, there are a few branches to it, a large playground, off-road trails, and many other places for them to spread out. But seriously, you can really work on technical riding like stopping without putting your feet down, riding slowly, and avoiding obstacles which behave erratically.

This trail is great for building stamina with longer climbs up to the lookout tower, there are also nice views of creeks and fields. The lookout tower provides views of a few different city skylines and is just beautiful for sunrise and sunset. This trail can be a savior when every other trail is closed. You can ride in either direction, we ride traveling to the right from the parking lot since that is the direction that most trails we have ridden work as well as how driving on the road works. We look forward to trying the off-road trail now that our abilities have increased and we found the correct start to the trail with a sign. That will be a separate post once we get to ride it. Hopefully, the rain stops and we can get out there again soon.

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