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Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

I've been wearing these Galaxy buds for a few months now in different capacities. They have some great features and some that are ok. I was disappointed when I had a hard time finding them in white but the black are doing fine. The touch screens are amazing and the sound quality is up to my standards.

The first scenario I'll discuss is listening to music at work. The best part is that they work independently and you can charge one while listening to the other. Though I have had one ear bud last all day. You can still hear what's going on around you in case someone needs your attention but have music to help you work more happily and effectively.

These are also great on the bike. I have to remember to put one in before I put my helmet on since I wear a full face but they barely move in my ear, even on rougher trails. I've worn them for almost the whole day riding the Back 40 in Arkansas! My phone battery died long before both ear buds. I almost never ride without these now. Having music helps me push farther on my rides and distracts me from the first level of fear that might hold me back from trying something that is likely within my skill level. No wires means they are safer for riding and since I can wear just one, it's also safer due to being able to hear other riders coming up behind or any other sound I may need to pay attention to. A quick touch pauses the music if I need my full attention as well.

A down side is talking on the phone with them. They have great sound for music or movie watching but in order for the other person to hear you well, you need to wear both buds. They don't have great outside noise cancellation either so you need to find a quiet and non-windy place to talk.

Overall, I would buy them again. I hope to find them in white if Dom wants my black ones. I also bought a rubbery protective case for the case which helps to have grip and it had a clasp to attach it to a backpack or your pants. These buds are worth the money I spent on them.

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