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Travel Trailer / RV upgrades and improvements

Deciding to go full time RVing was no easy decision for us. We have traveled for years for vacations and weekend trips so we know that we enjoy travel and experiencing new things. Though when living full time in an RV there are things to consider adding and/or upgrading to your rig in order to have less headaches and have more time and fun while traveling/living in your RV.

Disclosure: We are not sponsored by any of the retailers and/or companies below of the product being reviewed. I simply share this information to help others learn, to save money and time. So let's dig into it.

It's the first week of our full time RVing and I've added a couple of things that make a big difference.

1. Bug screens for furnace exhaust and vents. These are super useful and will save you from a huge headache by preventing bugs nesting inside the vents and pipes. Easy, cheap and a simple improvement.

➡️ Link to this product: BougeRV RV Flying Insect Screen RV Furnace Vent Cover Water Heater Screen Stainless Steel Mesh for RVs/Campers/Trailers (3Pack)

2. Tongue jack cover.

These will protect your electric tongue jack from the elements. Covering it up will prevent; rain, bugs, bird droppings, sun fade and other elements damaging your jack. A simple and cheap improvement.

➡️ Link for this product:

AKEfit Electric Tongue Jack Cover Outdoor RV Electric Tongue Jack,Heavy Duty Waterproof No Tear No Fading Sliver, Large Size

We hope you found this short list helpful. Check back often for more ideas and products to help you on the road.

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