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Week 13: Staying Upbeat in a Pandemic

We have passed the three month mark! We are really doing this full time RV thing. While we haven't had the chance to travel like we'd hoped, we are still making the best of each day. We are enjoying all 84 sq. ft., we recalculated since we don't have the full width and length of the RV to be able to stand or move around in. There are counters and cabinets in the way.

Monday was tough. The burial of Dom's grandfather went nicely. While we were not able to see through a video conference, we did receive a ton of great pictures from Dom's mom and the funeral home director. Times are weird and we were very glad to be able to have what we got. We realize that many other people will not even get this level of ability to say goodbye. After work we walked the dogs and sat outside to discuss upcoming travel plans.

Tuesday was another late shift so I started the day sitting outside writing blogs. We cooked dinner in the outdoor kitchen and spent time relaxing outside. We are loving the amount of time that we spend outside now. We never spent this much time outside when we had a sticks and bricks house. Our front porch sitting area was not comfortable, always seems to have spiders and the view was not great. Though, it did mean that we might get to see our awesome next door neighbors! 

Wednesday I woke up not feeling well. I had the tell-tale throbbing headache of a sinus infection. I had a slight headache that started the previous day but this came on faster than ever before. I've had chronic sinus infections in the past but have been doing well the last couple of years. It was time for a video visit with my primary care doctor. He prescribed antibiotics and told me to call if my throat got sore, trouble breathing or a fever came up. After work we stopped to get the prescription and dinner from Jersey Mike's, one of our favorite sub shops. I took the rest of the night to relax and rest and give my body a chance to beat this.

Thursday I spiked a fever and it spent all day bouncing from 100 to 102. My throat was sore too but I was pretty sure that it could be sinus infection related. I called my doctor back and let them know. They said the doctor would call me back once he was free. I was scheduled for a Covid-19 test for Friday morning to be safe. Dom picked up thai food for dinner to help me feel better, he knows it's my favorite. After dinner I went to bed, what an exciting life right? Well, I wanted to try to get rid of this as soon as I could.

Friday morning I woke up feeling a little better and with a normal temperature. After an hour my fever was back. I bounced again from 100-102 all day. I worked from home for a little while then left to get my test done. This test is just as bad as everyone says. A giant Q-tip swabs your brain through your nose then they let it sit there for about 10 seconds! Just when you're ready to start crying and say "I think you got enough!", they take it out and tell you that the results will come in about 3-5 business days. Monday is Memorial Day so that means next Wednesday to Friday I should know.

On a lighter note, after I finished work I swapped my crank brothers 6° float with 15° release cleats for the 6° float easy 10° release cleats. I didn't have too much trouble with my right foot releasing but my left foot was pretty tough. I can't wait to try these out and see the difference. When we changed our Shimano cleats from the standard to the easy release, it was an amazing difference and gave me the confidence to continue using clipless pedals. The crank brothers cleats feel like they have a more firm hold to the pedals.

Saturday brought better weather but the whole holiday weekend was supposed to be on and off storms. We made plans to work on things around the RV that we had been putting off to go riding. We swapped out the bathroom faucet first and filmed it so that you can see what it took or have instructions if you want to swap yours and have never done something like this before. The stock faucet was ridiculous and it was impossible to use since the faucet barely entered the sink. You had to turn your hand sideways to even have hope of getting water on it and that usually resulted in getting the vanity wet too. The new faucet releases water in the middle of the sink, there is plenty of room for both hands to be washed at the same time and it looks wonderful. Afterwards we had some video calls with the moms to update them on our travel plans. We also received a scale that we bought on Amazon which not only measures your weight but also body fat, bone density, water weight, and so much more. It has been interesting to see our starting point as we get back into biking after taking some time off to sell the house, move into the RV, and go through a pandemic with travel and being outside restrictions. Here's to seeing improvements brought on by hard work and getting back into regular exercise!

On Sunday we rode our bikes around the neighborhood and got in a few miles. I got to test out my new cleats and they were just as great as I had hoped. They released both feet equally well and I felt more comfortable with the Crank Brothers cleats and pedals than I did with my Shimano set up. Some of this could be due to just getting more comfortable with clipless all together however I do feel that for me, the Crank Brothers set up is a more secure hold with just as easy if not easier release when you want it. We also took the puppies for a walk around the campground. Then the rain came in so we hunkered down and watched a movie. 

Overall, it was a good week. A sinus infection did have me down for a few days but antibiotics helped me to kick its butt and we are back on track to getting regular exercise and building back up our stamina to ride those long trails. We look forward to getting you more mountain biking videos soon. For now, we have some RVing videos and pupdates from the Adventure Pups. Enjoy your week and we will see you next week!

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