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Week #2, 99% Finished Clearing The House Out

This week we spent a great deal of energy to clear out the house. We managed to sell, donate or throw away almost everything that was left. When it gets down to all the small things, it takes a lot of time to go through everything and decide what is trash and what could be used by someone else and then see if that someone lives nearby or if the item should be donated. We spent a few hours each day for 4 days at the house. We managed to fill the trash and recycling cans to overflowing which caused us to have to stop for this week. We will finish up next week after those cans have been emptied. We had no idea that we had so much stuff. There were many things that we haven’t used in years and likely would never use again.

We’ve been amazed in this process at just how much we’ve accumulated in a few short years. Dominic moved to Texas in September 2011 with only what he could fit in his BMW M3. Laurie moved to Texas in May 2012 with a duffle bag and 2 chihuahuas. A month later, a shipment arrived with a couch, love seat, ottoman, Tripp’s medium-sized wooden kennel, a medium-sized metal kennel and 13 boxes of Laurie’s things. From this small amount of personal effects, which barely filled our one bedroom apartment, grew the crazy amount of stuff that we’ve had to dig through over the last few weeks. It has been eye-opening to notice our behaviors which led to this amount of accumulated stuff.

See you in the next update!

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