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Week 23: We Got Recognized as YouTubers!

While our week started out slow and normal with work and walking the dogs with neighbors while talking with them about bike stuff, our weekend really took off with excitement. We are continuing our research on new bikes versus new components on our current bikes. The decision is a tough one due to the cost of new bikes and being unable to find answers from several sources about whether or not the components will fit and be compatible with our current bikes. We are starting to ride trails that are above the level that our bikes were built for and faster than our brakes can handle. It is time for an upgrade of some kind and we are trying to make the smartest decision that we can. Your input is appreciated, what is your view on upgrading a 2.5 year old mid-level bike with high level parts versus buying a new high level bike? We are not sponsored by anyone right now so our funds and our supporters on Patreon are what we have to make this decision with. 

On Wednesday we brought our bikes and our wish list of component upgrades to a local bike shop where we had visited the previous week to look at Yeti and Ibis bikes. We went over all of our ideas with the owner and he said he would do some research to make sure that it would all be possible. They also filled up my flat front tire with sealant and filled it with air so I could ride again.

On Saturday we decided to ride one of my favorite trails, River Legacy in Arlington, TX. This trail is rated blue but is actually the trail that we recommend all new riders in the area start on. It has some technical spots but they are easily walkable until you feel comfortable to try riding them. The layout is also my favorite in the shape of a clover leaf, the main loop on the inside is the shortest and easiest route with loops coming off the left every once in a while. For the longest ride of 7.5 miles just keep sticking left at every junction. This day we chose left and rode all loops except EKG which is the expert section of the trail. We totalled just over 13 miles since we went around a second time but ended up running low on water about halfway through.

While we were scoping out the Fun Town section of the trail, which is a section with 4 options ranging from flat, easy, hard, harder, and "That's a steep hill!" with a berm; a couple rode by and recognized us by our voices! This was the first time we've been recognized as YouTubers by someone who watches our videos. We were very excited to say the least. They gave us good feedback and let us know how they appreciate our format of showing more of the trails than other videos they've watched. We love hearing from fans about what they want to see from us.

Once we got home and cleaned everything up we noticed that my front tire was flat again. Dom also had a rear flat on the trail and we made a short video about fixing a flat on the trail and what tools you should have with you to complete that job. Be on the lookout for that video as well.

On Sunday we did some chores and cleaned up the trailer all nice like to prepare to shoot our full time living walk-through video. We can't wait to share it with you but right now we are in the good position of having a backlog of videos to edit and release. Be on the lookout as we attempt to release one video per week. We are also trying to alternate mountain biking videos with RVing videos when we can.

We will see you for next week's blog where we cross the 6 month mark!!

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