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Week 28: Selling Bikes, New Helmet, and Moving

We started off this week by finishing the installation of the Bontrager dropper post on my Orbea bike. We had to buy a new wire from the local bike shop as the PNW wire that we left in the bike didn’t fit in the Bontrager seat post. We pulled the wire out to keep as a spare for my PNW dropper post that we moved to my Trek bike and put the new wire on the Orbea. Once we were sure that everything on the Orbea was in working order, we listed it for sale on the Bike Blue Book website and the facebook group called Parts, Bikes, and Junk. We had 5 people waiting in line to buy it within 20 minutes of the listings going live!

The next day we brought the bike to a Starbucks nearby and sold it to the first person that expressed interest. We then marked the posts as sold and notified the others that it had sold to the first person. It poured rain the rest of the day so we decided to end our day with a movie. It rained all night and we had some minor flooding the next day as well as getting all the local trails shut down.

On Thursday the rain stopped and we were able to walk the puppies around the campground. We discussed taking a trip back to Arkansas to try more of the trails around Bentonville. When we traveled there this past Thanksgiving weekend, it rained every day except one so we were only able to ride one day out of the five we were there. We are hoping for better weather this time as it is a different time of year. We called up the campground that we went to last time to see if they had any spots. They had one but it wouldn’t be open until Monday. We decided that we would take the weekend to get everything ready and leave on Monday to drive there. We researched some of the local trails on Trail Forks and YouTube to pick out what we wanted to ride. We settled on the Slaughter Pen trails, which was on our list last time, and a brand new trail called Tunnel Vision. 

Friday we went to the local bike shop to buy Dom a new helmet. His helmet that we bought one year ago seems to have melted the clear coat and has become very sticky. Concerned about the safety of the helmet since it wasn't standing up to us riding in over 100 degrees, we decided that it was best to just buy a new helmet and contact the manufacturer about the defective helmet, which is one month out of warranty though the issue has been present for many months now and we have just been dealing with it. Lesson learned. When we got back home we took the puppies for a walk around the campground to stretch their little feet and start saying goodbye to everyone in case we don’t see them before we leave. 

Saturday morning we had our coffee outside to enjoy the cooler weather before the sun burned off the clouds and it got hot and humid. Dom went for a bike ride around the streets to get his miles started toward the Great Cycle Challenge where we both signed up to ride 100 miles in September to raise money to fight children’s cancers. You can follow our challenge on Facebook where we will be posting updates and the link to donate. You can also contact us directly and we can send you the link to donate if you are interested. We appreciate any support you may be able to give towards this goal. I stayed behind to start getting the RV ready for the trip by picking up all the small items that have accumulated while we’ve been stationary. The more we move around, the less we collect. Moving the RV is the equivalent of spring cleaning every time. We brought a load of stuff to storage, things that either we aren't using right now but may need later or stuff for the X5 which we are leaving behind. 

We also took a trip to Lowes and then Auto Zone to find the bit needed to take the Jeep roof rails off so that we can put the roof rack on. Once we got home and took the rail off we discovered that we don't have the right rails for a roof rack. We called the Jeep dealership to see if they had the correct rails in stock, they are back ordered till October. So, our plan to have a roof rack and basket to carry items on top of the Jeep will not happen for this trip. Time to reorganize our idea of what is going to be packed where.

We got a surprise rain storm in the afternoon so we rushed to get everything that was outside, inside the Jeep and came inside the RV for dinner and a movie. We decided to try a new brand of veggie burgers, Incogmeato and they were pretty comparable to the brand we usually buy which is Beyond Burger. After a break to digest we made dessert, cut up apples and bananas drizzled with melted nutella and peanut butter. 

Sunday was our final day to get ready for the trip and we had enough stuff to do to keep us busy. Laundry, moving everything out of the X5 and into the Jeep to get it road ready, reorganize the pass through storage, and get the inside of the RV ready for morning so that all we have to do is pull the slide in and unhook the water hose and power cable. We spent the evening walking the puppies and stopping to say goodbye to everyone that we've made friends with while staying put during the lockdown period of the pandemic. We even got to have a small piece of chocolate cake and ice cream as part of a going away party between people we've met over the months. The puppies had a little ice cream too since Tripp's 12th birthday is Monday! A couple we've made friends with are leaving tomorrow as well and they are also going to AR! But we will be staying about an hour away from them.

It was a good another week and we can't wait to share our travels with you next week. Please remember to subscribe so that you don't miss any of the adventures and check us out on our other channels as well, links can all be found on our home page at

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