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Week # 3 New Habits

Fun fact: It takes 21 days to build a new habit! Well, we’ve been living the full time RV life for 21 days so far. We have managed to build some habits in that time. We built habits like: checking the inside temperature to see if we need the furnace or AC (silly spring weather), checking the bike cover to make sure that it didn’t blow away, walking the dogs again instead of them going outside on their own through the doggy door, and loving the life that we chose.

This week brought some changes, like the clock moving an hour ahead and finally getting to go biking after almost a month! We are getting down to the very last bits of cleaning out the house for sale. The last of the large items sold this week and we moved everything else either to the trash or storage. The storage unit is almost at max capacity but, we are also finally done putting things in there. The house is cleaned out and cleaned up, ready for closing next Friday.

We were able to release our Full Time RV Life Prep video on Thursday! You can check it out here. We are still working on the final touches for the Spider Mountain video, which needed to be put on hold until we found our headphones to do the voice over. They were lost for almost two weeks while we were moving but we found them this week! We will be putting the finishing touches on that video soon and releasing it to you. There was so much work to do to get the house ready and we look forward to being able to refocus on our videos.

On Sunday we were finally able to get outside and ride! We rode Horseshoe trail in Grapevine, which we have video of from another day that you can watch here. It was great to be back on the bikes. We had a lot of fun being outside together again. We posted some awesome pictures from our ride on Instagram, they are here

if you’d like to check them out. We also had the chance to meet and talk with a couple who was new to mountain biking. It felt really good to share advice and tricks that we’ve learned in the last few years to help them get a good start on their biking and make it more enjoyable.

Another development this week was the growing concern about Coronavirus or Covid-19. We saw store shelves being emptied and increasing panic in those around us. We made sure that we had enough supplies for us and didn’t horde more than we needed. We also bought an item that has been on our list from the beginning of our plans to full time and it happened to be a very good choice for the current situation as well. We finally bought our very own Berkey! We went with the Travel Berkey which holds 1.5 gallons. Berkey recommends buying a size that is no more than your family will drink in one day as you need to fill it and drain it every day. After some thought about how much we generally use in a day, we feel like this will be a good size for us. We are very excited to not have to rely as heavily on bottle water, especially during this time when it is almost impossible to find it. We read the instructions, put it together and primed the filters on Sunday and by Monday morning we had great tasting drinking water without a trip to the store.

It’s been nice sharing our time and new life with you. See you in next week’s update!

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