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Week 31: The Healing and a Birthday

This week's post will likely not be very long. We were not able to do much more than go to doctor appointments, try to keep the house running, and make sure that Dom was resting as much as possible so that he can heal. Monday after work he saw another orthopedic doctor who performed another x-ray as she couldn't believe that with the amount of swelling he still had a week after the injury that he didn't break anything. He and his body building bones proved her wrong. Still no breaks or fractures! He was given a different pain medication as he still needed something more than regular tylenol about three times a day to keep it manageable and we grabbed some dinner and headed home.

Tuesday I needed to catch up on laundry as we had made it about a week and half so far. We are trying to stretch it out as our goal is to be able to boondock for two weeks before needing to get into town for supplies and cleaning. We are slowly getting there. 

Wednesday was my birthday but we also needed groceries and I still hadn't decided what I wanted for my birthday present. So I took the grocery shopping time alone to think about my top three choices. I picked up subs on the way back to reduce cooking and cleaning time and grabbed a small single serve cake for us to share since we don't eat a lot of sweet and have barely moved our bodies in the last week. After putting everything away, and eating, I had decided that a new phone was what I wanted for my birthday. I had dropped mine, for the millionth time, a few months ago and finally cracked the screen. Our phones made it for their three year life span and were ready to be bricked at the next update scheduled for this month. I love the Samsung note series and decided to stick with that after a month of research and trying to find a less expensive alternative. We bought the phone online as Samsung was going to give me the most money to trade in my cracked phone and then we went to bed.

Thursday Dom was feeling well enough that he wanted to pick up the stored X5 which was about 12 miles south of where we are staying. I drove us to the storage facility and he checked the car out while I drove over to our friend's house to pick up some mail then a redbox and baked chicken for dinner. He was ready to pull out of the parking lot by the time I got back to him and I followed him back to the campground. He did great but it was a little bit of a strain so we made sure that he rested for the rest of the night.

Friday was my last shift so I wrote and posted our blog for week 30 on Patreon and scheduled it to release on the website a few days later. After work I cut Dom's hair so he could stop feeling like a hippy, as he calls it. Overall it was a pretty chill day.

Saturday morning we got to enjoy the campground a little. We had breakfast and coffee outside on the picnic table with the puppies, who also ate their breakfast outside. We got to see a huge praying mantis on our camping chairs and another baby one on our fence. I love these little bugs and actually had one as a pet once. That is where I found out that when they get big, they can fly. That scares the crap out of me the first time Tinek stretched his new wings! Then we took a walk with the dogs around the campground to learn the layout and check out the amenities. After we stretched our legs a bit, we drove into town to return the car cell phone booster and bought the RV model online since we were told it would have a bigger range. We didn't see any improvement with the car model so we are really hoping to get some good, strong service out of the bigger RV model.

Sunday was another beautiful weather day. The days have been around the 70s and nights have been dipping to the 50s here. We again had our breakfast outside in the sun then went into town to shop for some new clothes. We are slowly replacing our old wardrobe of cotton with materials that breathe better, wick away sweat, and are treated with antimicrobials so that they can be worn longer between washings. When we got home I cooked lunch and made Korean Beef in the Instapot for lunches for the beginning of the work week. We finished watching the redbox we fell asleep to the night before and then went to have dinner with our house neighbors. It was a surprise birthday party for me! Our friends had gotten fajitas and a frozen yogurt cake that was absolutely delicious. I also got a card, gift, and balloon. It was amazing. I was little bummed this year that we might be far away from everyone we knew for my birthday and in an area where we wouldn't know of anything fun to do to celebrate. This made everything better. We love our friends and they love us, it doesn't get any better than that.

See you here next week!

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