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Week 32: New Phone, Life Without Cell Service, and Relaxing

This week was another quiet one while Dom continued to heal his arm. On Monday I got to pick up my new phone and case that came in the mail. Unfortunately, someone had put the wrong size case in the box and the case didn’t fit. My brand new phone was going to be naked until I could have another shipped. We came back to the RV to set up the phone and get everything transferred from my old phone so that it could be factory reset to trade in. That is where we realized that setting up a new phone takes wifi which is something that we need to save for work and we don’t have service with Tmobile where we are staying. So I had a new phone which was in danger from being naked and I couldn’t use it. Bummer. We made plans to go into town the next day where we had service so that we could set it up.

After work on Tuesday we drove to starbucks and got some drinks hoping to use their wifi to set up my phone. It was too slow and we ended up using Dom’s phone as a hotspot to be able to run the update on the new phone and transfer everything from my old phone to my new phone. The update took over 2 hours! After this was done, my old phone got factory reset and was ready to ship to Samsung. Getting a new phone for my birthday was exciting but after 3 years I had forgotten how much work it can be. It is nice that my birthday falls right around the time that the major players release their new phones and I have lots of choices. This year Dom chose to try a cheaper phone and we are conducting our own experiments to see if we want to stick with Samsung next time or save a bunch of money. I’ll write about our results once we make our final conclusion.

Wednesday we were able to get some chores done as Dom was starting to feel better. I did the laundry and he drove to get groceries. While the laundry was going, I took the opportunity of found service, 1 bar, to write last week’s blog and post it. Not a particularly thrilling day but such is adult life sometimes. Thursday we were able to take a walk around the campground with the puppies. Getting out since Dom’s injury has been harder since he has been in so much pain so we were happy for this second day in a row of him being on the mend and in less pain.

Finally it was the weekend and we had plans. We started with a haircut for Dom and then we headed out to town to pick up a compression sleeve for Dom so he could hopefully ditch the elastic wraps. We also looked at workout equipment and discussed what we need. Gyms are open now but we just are not comfortable yet on going there with Covid cases still not under control. We looked at the TRX cable system and could think of ways to attach them for bottom up exercises but couldn’t think of a safe way to attach them for top down exercises. We decided to wait until we knew that we could use them fully before spending the money. Once we got home we planned out a new intro for our videos. By the time we wrote it all out and ran a few practises through it, it was getting dark so we decided to film another day.

Sunday was a very relaxing day. We set out to catch up on spending time together and being outside. It has been a tough few weeks and we needed a mental break. We had coffee and breakfast outside with the puppies and didn’t rush it. We talked a lot and reconnected. We even took a drive around our new area to explore and see what was near us that we didn’t know about. We ended our day and week with a movie and puppy snuggles.

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See you here next week where we will talk about getting and installing our cell signal booster!

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