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Week 33: Cell Booster, Diet Changes, and Jeep Modifications

Monday was Dom's follow up appointment with the orthopedic doctor to check on his arm. The swelling has continued to go down, the bruising is getting better and he is gaining more use of his arm each day. We are happy to be seeing progress but also anxious to get back to our regular life. We've been trying to use this down time to work on the RV and vehicles to stay productive. This week was a busy one!

Tuesday we stopped by our storage unit and grabbed our box of DVDs. We've been carrying around a big leather CD case for the CD player in the X5, mostly my collection, and I thought "why not bring all of our DVDs so that we don't have to keep returning redboxes late?" We also stopped by Walmart for some supplies. 

Wednesday was laundry day and while the wash was going I put all of our DVDs into the CD case and tossed the plastic packages. Now we have our whole collection, well what we downsized to anyway and we aren't taking up any more storage space than we were before. We are happy to have more than the 10 choices that we originally brought with us when we moved in as well.

Thursday was an exciting morning as we had an appointment to have our cell signal booster installed. A four man team from RV Rescue showed up, and we discussed placement and installation techniques. They plotted out how to run the cables and where each piece of equipment would go and then got to work. We had to mount the outside antenna to the back wall of the trailer since we don't have a ladder. The booster got mounted on the wall above the door and the internal antenna, we decided to mount in front of the entertainment center. We had a dry run of the system all plugged in and handheld in place before drilling any holes. The system seemed to work as advertised and boost the signal strong enough to make phone calls, send texts, and play a YouTube video. We gave the ok to start making it permanent. They finished in about two and half hours and we were happy with their service. After work we headed into town to pick up the towing mirrors we bought for the Jeep. Our house neighbors invited us for Brinner while we were there. Breakfast for dinner is amazing and getting to see our good friends was the bacon on the eggs. :) Afterwards, we headed to CVS to look for a small massager for Dom. He believed that it would help in his healing process. While looking around for that, I decided that since we aren't riding bikes right now and I'm not ready to sit in a nail salon yet, I was going to test out some glue on nails. A friend recommended a good brand and I chose a long nail to try out. Typing this is difficult, I'll say that much. Lots of miskeys. Lol

The weekend is where it got really busy. Saturday morning we decided to slowing restart our vegan diet, well Dom is shooting for vegetarian. We will add in 1-2 meals per week as we find them until we stop eating meat all together. This will take some research and a lot of dedication. We welcome your favorite vegan recipes. In the afternoon we brought the Jeep to the dealership for a recall on the DEF system and walked the parking lot while we waited to get some exercise. We then ran it through the wash and cleaned and conditioned the interior. We like to take care of our things so that they last a long time. Vacuuming keeps the carpet from wearing down as quickly and conditioning the dashboard, doors and leather seats keep them from drying out and cracking. 

On Sunday it was time to install those towing mirrors! We did the driver's side first to see what we were up against. It took about 45 minutes as we had trouble getting the inner door panel off due to a hidden screw behind a beauty panel behind the door handle. But once we were done and verified that everything worked we were ready to film. Well, first some water and food. Then we headed back out GoPros in hand and worked on the passenger door while filming it. Hopefully we got some good shots and will be able to upload that video soon. Our GoPro Hero 8 Black is having the same over heating problem that our Hero 7 has. I guess our adventures take place in tempertures that even adventurers are not supposed to play in? We need cameras that can keep up, even when it's 100 degrees and above outside. Next we headed into town to test the mirrors and pick up a new grill from Walmart. While we were there we found little Sombreros for the puppies for some pictures. When we got home I got out the bacon training treats and tried for some quick shots and desensitization to the hats for better pictures later. 

It was a good week of healing, working on the Jeep (as planned for the winter), and fun with the puppies. We've been at this for a little over 8 months and we still love it and each other, so we must be doing something right. See you here next week!

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