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Week 34: Great Deals, Excellent Service and More Posts

This week we found some good deals, looked at some other campgrounds, and moved back to a campground closer to civilization which has good cell service so that we can get back to posting content. On Monday we had fun out of propane from the cold nights so we needed to find a fill station. The one recommended by the campground owner said that their fill station was broken so they couldn't fill the tank. We next tried Tractor Supply and we are so glad we did. It only cost $8 and if we sign up for their member program it will go down even more as we earn points! We were paying $20 to fill it at the campground where we had been staying long term previously. This is good to know for when we are on the road as well. Tractor Supply is a chain store so we should be able to find them in many places.

Tuesday we drove to two other campgrounds that had open sites to check them out and see if we wanted to move. The campground where we are currently stay, while they have some great amenities, has extremely poor cell service and a few times a day there is either a smell of rotten eggs or raw sewerage. So we are hunting for some place else to winter. The first campground was slight closer to town, had 1 extra bar of cell service and was the same price as what we are paying now. But the sites were small, it was mostly an empty field, there was no shade and even less amenities. We passed on that one and drove to the next one. This campground was in the city, enormous, was long term only, had great cell service, and a waiting list of 85 people who were all waiting for other long term spots to open. We could also hear the highway from just about every spot in the campground, but otherwise it was pretty nice. They even have a car and RV wash on site.

Wednesday we decided to look for a new monitor for me for work. I have a 15" screen and it is very bulky. We looked for one that we might be able to mount on the wall or something other than sitting on the table. We headed to BestBuy to see what they had. We looked at a 32" curved screen and a 34" flat screen. Both could be used as 2 monitors due to their size and resolution, we later found out when we got home that my work computer limits the resolution and how much I can fit on my screen and it is less than what the monitor can handle. :( I went with the bigger flat screen as thought it would be easier to store when we are moving. After 2 days of using it though, I'm thinking the curved screen may be better in our smaller space. We will see if I choose to keep this one or return it for the curved screen.

On Thursday Dom took a ride to Discount Tire as we have one tire that keeps losing air. We bought new tires and the problem persists so we are thinking it is the wheel that is causing the issue. We talked to them about different options for wheels that will fit on our RV. Apparently, unlike with a car where there are databases that you put your car information into and it tells you what you need for offset, bolt pattern, etc, buying trailer tires requires you to know the bolt pattern, offset, diameter, and width. You also need to calculate how much weight each wheel needs to support. He found a set of wheels that would fit and he liked and we are waiting to find out if the store can get them for us.

Friday we were able to reach the park where we had previously been staying long term and they had a site opening up that we might be interested in. After work we stopped by to check it out and see if it was worth moving to. Once we confirmed that it was a good site we decided to drive around and see who was still there that we knew. We ended up getting to surprise our friends who had arrived two earlier. Drac got to see his girlfriend Pepper and we got to sit and catch up with our friends. It was a great way to spend a Friday night.

Saturday morning we packed up camp, I shot a video about how we do that, we moved back to our old park in a new site and we finally filmed our full time living walk through video that everyone has been asking about. We got to show everyone how we have set up our RV and how we use it everyday. We hope this will help some people who are on the fence about moving to an RV. If you want to live this life but don't know how you will fit what you need, we can tell you that you don't need as much as you think you do. We are already talking about downsizing if our jobs change to not needing so much equipment. After dinner I edited the walk through video and we posted it to YouTube. It has been at least a month since we posted a video either due to time constraints, lots of filming and biking, or lack of service to be able to edit and post. We were excited to be able get some video out to you. I was also able to put out last week's blog now that we had service.

Sunday was errands day so not much exciting happened. We look forward to seeing you here, on YouTube and Instagram so be sure to follow, like, and subscribe. See you next week!

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24 thg 10, 2020

Hello good to hear you found a spot with better wifi. Hope you're staying safe and healthy. ❤

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