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Week 35: New Pack, New Decor and a Whole Lot of Rain

This week we got to move around a lot more than the past few weeks. We walked around the campground with the puppies almost everyday! It has been weeks since they have gotten exercise that regularly. The Adventure Pups because they are so small and are getting a little old do not require a ton of exercise. Drac really loved getting to see his girlfriend Pepper and all the attention that he got from meeting new people. Our current campground has a lot of people who are out walking their dogs throughout the day and so there are tons of “friends” for the boys. 

On Monday my new backpack came in the mail. My current backpack is 20 years old and one of the straps has finally started tearing. While I feel that it is still functional and also that I could send it to Eastern Mountain Sports to be repaired, Dom said that it has done it’s job and it is time for a new backpack. But my old backpack has been to so many places with me on my motorcycle, on plane trips, to First Night in Boston, all over the country to just about every state that I’ve ever been to. It has served me well.

For my new backpack, after much research, I went with the Osprey Sylva 12. I chose the grey with teal accents. I chose this backpack over the others for a few reasons: this one has a suspended back meaning that it will keep me cooler since we insist on riding in over 100 degrees all the time, it comes with an attached, high visibility rain cover, the shoulder straps are curved out of the way to make holding the handlebars easier without fighting thick backpack straps and having them rub my armpits, the straps are also ventilated. I can’t wait to try it out on the trail!

Tuesday when we went to pick up the mail we did something that we sometimes do since moving into the RV. We took our trash bag for a drive. When we are not walking the trash to a dumpster in the campground but instead putting it on the tailgate of the X5 or in the back of the Jeep to drive by the dumpsters on our way out, sometimes we forget that it is there and we take it for a drive. One time we took it to the dealership for warranty work on the car, one time we took it out to eat, and this time we took it to pick up some packages. Life in the RV gets weird sometimes but we love it just the same and laugh when silly things happen.

Wednesday we had some fun adding small items to the RV. Dom washed the outside first, then we put a sticker on the front that says “Home is where you park it”. Next we got some carpets for the steps to help them not be so slippery and make it easier for the dogs to navigate them. The Adventure Pups sometimes slipped on the metal steps when they climbed them and one time Tripp fell straight through, luckily I caught him in time before he hit the ground. The carpets velcro and strap on with spring hooks and we think they came out pretty nice. The puppies are definitely loving them and feel more confident when climbing the stairs. We also picked up some hand therapy balls for Dom to start working his hand and forearm since he is feeling strong enough to start up some physical therapy to recover his arm.

Thursday night we got a pretty big rainstorm that lasted into Friday morning. The thing about rainstorms in Texas is that this area floods pretty easily. It was one of our main concerns coming back to the area. We did pick a site where we had not seen flooding during the worst storm to hit the area that anyone here had ever seen when we were here last, so we thought we would be ok. 

It kept raining until 10:30 AM on Friday.  We didn't get a flood luckily but the creek did get up to its banks and ready to go over. We were thankful that it stayed within its bounds and only had a little erosion making the banks steeper. After his workday, Dom went to Lowes to pickup a water line for the bathroom sink to try to replace the hot water line so it will not leak. Unfortunately, the line he got while fitting on one end didn't fit on the other one. We had to return it and try to find one that will fit on both ends.

On Saturday we brought my bike to the local shop to see if we could get the bolt on top of the rear shock replaced as it came rusted. They told us that they couldn't look at it until Wednesday so we made an appointment and took the bike home. We may end up just swapping it ourselves but don't want to void the warranty. When we got back to the RV we filled the bikes tires up with air on both bikes, checked Dom's bike for the first time since the crash for damage, and decided to take a short ride around the campground to see if his arm was ready to start more strenuous exercise. We rode 1 mile and he did great! He even was able to put both bikes on the rack when we got back which meant lifting them over his head. After all that excitement it was time for him to rest his arm as a reward to it for performing so well. We are taking small steps to healing completely so that we don't have setbacks.

Sunday was a misty day with light rain mixed in for good measure so we had a relaxing morning and discussed if we should hire a professional for a session or two to help with skills building once we are back on the bikes regularly. We looked into some local trainers and clinics as well as Rich Drew in Bentonville, AR. We will see where we are when we get to that point again of riding several times a week before making a final decision. Our heated water hose arrived just as the temperatures are beginning to drop. We installed it immediately. If the temperatures drop below freezing we did not want to risk a broken hose, connections, or the pedestal at the park (which is the campers responsibility if they don't take precautions against it.) We also took a walk to keep our bodies moving since it is supposed to rain for the next 3 days. It was cold, wet, and getting dark but we just want to keep moving since we have to sit for most of our working days during the week. We walked one mile and came home to dry off and warm up before bed.

We can't wait to see what next week will bring, we hope that you will join us again right here.

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