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Week 36: Voting, New RV Wheels and a 10 Mile Bike Ride

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

This week started off slow with not much going on. Monday was cold and rainy so we stayed inside. Tuesday I had late shift and it was still cold and rainy so we also didn't get to do much. Wednesday we planned to vote! We were waiting until the early voting lines calmed down some to avoid having to wait in a long line with a bunch of people and increase our risk of getting sick. We chose a polling place where we had heard it was not very busy everytime someone went there and we lucked out. There were only 2 other people voting at the same time as us with plenty of room to spread out and we saw the poll workers sanitizing everything after each person left each station of the process. It was a good experience.

Since it didn't take long, we decided to do laundry and get groceries too. Before putting our clean laundry away, we went through every piece of clothing that we have with us and got a full kitchen trash bag full of donations! Drac was sad because we also had time to give him a bath. Now he is fluffy and smells nice again. 

Thursday my debit card had some adventures that my bank texted me about. Apparently, while I was at work, my debit card was spending money in Hong Kong, NYC, and elsewhere. I called the fraud department immediately and let them know that I didn't make those charges. They were reversed and I'm getting a new debit card. Always check your statements every day or two to prevent small charges from testing your account for a bigger charge later. After work we walked the puppies around the campground to stretch their feet in their winter jackets, it was still a little chilly in the shade.

Friday I was able to have the day off of work to participate in a volunteer opportunity. I was sent thank you cards to write out to donors for a medications assistance program that helps people pay for their medications. It felt rewarding to thank others for their donations of money to a program that is helping people, especially in this time where so many people are needing help paying for their medications. This also gave us time to bring our RV to the tire place and have the new wheels installed. We ended up having to buy a new tire. The one that kept losing air was because there was a nail on the inside where we couldn't see it. The team was able to get us in and out in about an hour and we headed to mail the thank you cards out. We also dropped off our clothes donation, and brought the old wheels to storage to wait to be sold.

Saturday we went back to our storage unit to replace the cosmetic rails on the Jeep with the functional rails that we bought, we installed the bars from our last jeep but were unable to fit the basket on the jeep after a lot of trials and ideas, it was just a little too far off to be safe. So we went through the extra food we had stored at the beginning of the pandemic and separated what we will eat and what were panic buys. We donated the panic buys to a food drive on our way home.

Sunday we had warm weather and we went for our first real bike ride since Dom's crash! We rode paved trail but we made it 10 miles. It was great and his arm didn't bother him. We are getting close to getting back on the dirt. I got to use my new backpack and it was amazing. It felt light, well supported and carried enough water for our ride. After getting home, Dom was still able to put both bikes up on the rack without pain in his arm.

We headed out for some supplies for us and the puppies. We discovered that 5.11 pants are our preferred pants and so we bought another pair each and we each found a shirt that we liked and fit our new lifestyle. We are slowly going through our wardrobes and clearing out items that don't fit, are stained, or cotton which isn't good to wear in an active lifestyle. We like to wear our activewear everywhere now! The puppies got more food and also Drac got a bowtie for his collar and Tripp got a collar bandana and new leash. We've been walking in the dark as the days get shorter and the reflective strips on Tripp's leash have worn out after 9 years so we got him a reflective, hi-visability, LED leash! When we got home we immediately put on all their new stuff and took them for a walk so Drac could show his girlfriend Pepper how cute he looked.

It ended up being a great week after all, even though it started cold and rainy. We can't wait to see what next week brings and when we can travel next. See you here next week!

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