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Week 38: New Rig Shopping and Getting Back on the Dirt

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The beginning of the week was pretty calm with not much going on. The weekend was when we got a chance to do some interesting activities. On Saturday we drove to an RV dealership to take a look at a really nice class C with a great floor plan. We looked at a 2016 Coachman Concord 300 DS model that was in great condition. We spent a few hours inside the rig looking at everything and planning how our current life would take place inside this new space. We wanted to make sure that if we decided to change rigs and spend money on it, that it was going to be a big enough upgrade and that we would be able to do more of what we want to do.

A class C rig would provide us with more boondocking capabilities, that we thought we would have with the rig we have now but we don't, and help us get farther away from civilization and closer to amazing biking trails. It would also give us some more space to work and my favorite things about this rig was more counter space so that I don't have to move items off the stove top to cook then off the table to eat. It also had an electric fireplace that would provide ambiance and heat. Overall it was a really nice rig that checked a lot of our boxes. We discussed our options on which vehicle to sell, what our payoff is on our current rig, and whether to trade or sell privately our current rig. Ultimately, the numbers on the moving around of rigs and vehicles was not going to make sense at this time. We really do love the rig we have now and we were not going to see a big enough benefit to change that right now. We decided to stick with what we have.

Sunday we planned to ride the road at a local trail to help gain back some endurance and altitude training. We pulled into a very busy parking lot with a large group ride gathering. We talked about whether to stay and ride or head home. We decided to wear masks while around others since we were still outside and could keep our distance and if we got to a place where we were alone, we could take them off if we wanted to at that time. We took off down the road and away from the crowd. Once we had a little taste of riding, Dom's arm was feeling good so we decided to take a green off-road trail to test his arm a little farther. After a short loop, his arm felt great so we continued on the trail for another short loop. We checked in often and he continued to do and feel well so we kept going until we ran out of green trail to ride. We felt like we did good and didn't want to push his arm too far so we finished at 7.37 miles.

We grabbed some Greek take out food on the way home for lunch. After lunch and showers we headed to the grocery store. In Texas we slowed slightly on the covid cases but never really had a time without new daily cases. So we are technically still on our first wave but it is ramping up again and faster and harder than ever. The store shelves were getting bare again of paper and cleaning products. We got what we could and made plans to slowly gather back stock on supplies that we need to have on hand in case we can't find them again. We headed home to put the groceries away and watched a movie.

It was an exciting weekend of discussing potential changes and getting back on the bikes. We are happy to have you along with us on this journey. Thank you for coming back each week to see what we are up to. See you here next week!

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