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Week 39: More Rig Choices, More Riding, and More Fun!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

We started the week with a ride! After work on Monday we took the bikes for a ride to the nearest redbox that we could get to without having to ride on the busy Texas roads to return a movie. We ended up riding 7.28 miles total. We also discussed a second Coachman Concord 300DS that we found, even though it was less expensive and they were willing to give us more for our RV; it still was not worth switching rigs at this time.

Tuesday we walked around the campground with the puppies and our friends and their dogs. We are trying to get exercise and see friends in the safest ways possible. We stay outside and far apart to reduce everyone's risk of getting sick. After our walk we tried our Korean beef recipe that we love but on chicken. It came out amazing!

On Friday Dom took the X5 to get washed up, vacuumed out and take pictures of it so that we could list it for sale while I had a late shift. We have been talking for a while now about the vehicles and whether we need two cars and do we want to always have to travel separately to keep two cars once we can hit the road for good. We came to the tough decision that the X5 should be sold and we will keep the Jeep as the more capable tow and off-road vehicle. We first offered it to friends who had expressed interest in it and family members. Once they had all passed, we put the for sale sign on the windshield.

Saturday was another nice day to ride and Sunday it was supposed to rain, so we headed out to Erwin Park to put some more dirt on the tires. We skipped the more technical section as Dom's arm is still healing and we are both still building back up our stamina and skills. We looped the easier side of the trail twice and finished with 10.67 more miles under our belts for the month. We picked up some Asian food to stay away from anything fried after a good ride and headed home.

Sunday was a cold and cloudy day. We walked the puppies with their winter jackets and got the laundry done. We put our Christmas decorations up, consisting of two small battery lit trees, lights around the perimeter of the trailer on the ground, and two small travel trailer decorations that we got last year while we were still living in our house. We snuggled into our cozy little home and watched some movies before ending the day with a family phone call.

Another great week in the books. As we look forward to passing the 10 month mark next week we hope for better and warmer weather and with time off for Thanksgiving we hope to ride our bikes again. See you next week!

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