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Week 46: Shopping For A Homebase

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Back at our home base campground, we had a typical week while encountering new exciting information. Late last week we found a house in Florissant, CO and on Monday we watched some videos about the area to check it out. Dom spent time talking to a realtor in the area and she went to take pictures of the house and a few short videos of the road going up to it to show the condition. Let's just say that the pictures online of the house were not indicative of the current condition per our realtor and her pictures. We also spent time trying to find a new front brake rotor for Dom's bike. It seems everyone online and in-store were out of stock. Bikes and parts have become very scarce during the pandemic as it seems everyone has decided to take up biking in the last year. It is a good way to get exercise and stay socially distanced from others.

Wednesday we called the CO realtor and told her that we were definitely passing on the house. We also reconnected with a realtor in AR after finding a few potential homes in the Bentonville area. She took our wish list of what we are looking for in our next house. She called us back a few hours later with a house that was not on the market yet but would be ready soon. It checked all the boxes that we had come up with. It even has a vacant lot next to it that might be able to be purchased where we could park our RV! We decided to apply for a pre-qualification letter for a mortgage.

Dom also tried to replace the drain pipe under the shower. He tried several times but the pipe was just on too tight. We even went to Lowe's for extra tools and they also didn't work after several attempts.

Friday we called RV Rescue to see if they could come out to replace the pipe. They said they could be here Monday. After work we walked the puppies around the campground then headed to a friend's house for showers. Luckily, we only had a few more days until the shower would hopefully get fixed.

Saturday morning we had some excitement when we couldn't get water out of the faucet. The water in the hose had frozen overnight. It was 22° outside. Dom went out, unplugged the hose and confirmed that the spigot was not frozen, just the water in the hose. He disconnected the hose on both ends and we waited for sunlight and warmer weather to melt the water in the hose. Once it was light outside, we installed the heated hose in place of our regular hose. Luckily there was no damage anywhere. We also installed an in line water filter to help keep our water heater cleaner, based on the recommendation of an rv park maintenance guy. After breakfast we packed up and headed to River Legacy trails in Arlington, TX for a ride. We peddled 7.34 miles then stopped at a Trek bike shop on our way home. They were nice enough to start a warranty claim for the suspension bolt that came rusted on my bike. Hopefully we get it before we have to move anywhere else.

Sunday the AR realtor called us. The seller wanted to know what color we wanted the front door painted! That was so sweet of them as a show that we are all interested in making this deal work.

We had a relaxing morning, cooked pancakes for breakfast and watched a movie since it was a cold and snow flurry day in Texas. That night we headed back to our amazing friend's house for dinner and showers again. Having great friends is like winning the lottery. We are so grateful for those wonderful people in our lives who've reached out to offer their home for showers during this time.

Thank you for sticking with us this week as we search for houses and try to decide which state will be our next home base. See you here next week when we see who will win the battle of the leaking water!

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