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Week 7 The Great Escape

This week the adventure pups decided that they were smarter than the blockade that I, Laurie, had made to keep them in bed at night. I had crocheted a gate to go across the bottom of the dinette instead of the baby gate we were using, which we felt was pressing too hard on the dinette and may cause damage with prolonged use. Drac figured out that he could squeeze through the bottom corner and Tripp jumped not only out, but back in as well! It was time to modify the barrier. So I got more leftover yarn and went to work. I increased the height and added more command hooks. It is finally done and keeps them contained at night with their beds, toys and water while letting us sleep better because they aren't just meandering around the camper and clicking their toenails. Lol.

This week we also celebrated Dom's birthday. We couldn't celebrate as we would've liked but, we made due. We took the day off work and drove to Ray Robert's Lake, Isle De Bois State Park to ride the concrete trail. We lapped around a few times to get some miles in and a little elevation. When we got back to the RV, ate, and showered; we took the puppies for a long walk around the campground. Tripp has really been enjoying going for walks. He will now sit by the door and wait for someone to ask him if he wants to go for a walk. He gets all excited and dances around till we put the leash on and he can start heading anywhere. Maybe tiny living is getting to him. Lol Though, in our sticks and bricks house, he wanted to spend all of his time in his kennel. If given the choice, he would stay in his kennel all day and only come out to eat and go to the bathroom.

On Tuesday all Texas State Parks closed. No camping, no activities, gates locked. It was a sad day. Some cities have helped to get around closures and keep areas open by making pedestrian traffic directional, just like cars but in the opposite direction. That's smart but hard to enforce inside a state park on hiking trails.

Wednesday we had the best weather so far this year, 90° and sunny. It wasn't enough to open any of the off road trails but it was great for riding around the neighborhood and the bonus was that it was too hot for most people to be out and active. It was even still nice enough outside once we got home to eat dinner outside in our chairs. On Thursday we decided to support a local business and order take out Thai food from one of our favorite Asian restaurants. Yummy Thai cooks from the region that we like best, I believe the last time I asked I was told it is the northern central region. Their food tastes consistently good and I feel like they don't use fish sauce in the Pad Thai.

Friday was another late shift for me so I worked on some blog posts, Dom worked on pictures and some of our social media sites keeping them fresh. Saturday brought rain in the early afternoon so we walked the puppies around the campground in the morning, we went for one lap which equals one mile. When the rain started, we came inside to watch a movie. The adventure pups love movie time as it means they get to come up onto the big bed and snuggle in the blankets with us.

Sunday's weather cleared up some so we were able to walk the puppies again and we sat outside to work on our website, blogs and social media. Creating content for you is the highlight of our week, we enjoy getting to spend time writing to you as well as making and editing videos for you. See you next week!

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