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Week 8: Plants, Laundry debacles, and weighing our RV

We got a plant! We started with fake plants in the T@g due to not wanting to have a mess from spilled dirt and we brought those fake plants to our new RV/home to brighten the place up. We decided that it would be a good idea to bring in a few real plants to help with air quality and to give having real dirt inside a moving vehicle a try. We purchased on Etsy to support a small business and chose to start with a Blizzard Aloe. Aloe is supposed to be one of the oxygen producing powerhouses of plants plus it can be used for burns and apparently, you can eat it? We planted it in Groot's head replacing the fake succulent from before

We also made some changes around the RV as we settle in and continue to pair down what we take with us. We went through our clothes and got rid of more, we got rid of some shoes, our tiny broom from the T@g now that we have a full sized broom, a cast iron pan that was very heavy and hard to clean in our small sink, and a wifi camera that wasn't working properly once we took it from the house. We will continue to get rid of anything that is not serving a purpose or isn't working the way we need it to.

The adventure pups have come to terms with the new gate from last week and they haven't had anymore escape attempts. They are settling into a routine, they sleep till around 8am, have breakfast, go outside, and then take a nap. We try to walk some on our lunch break and take a long walk once work is done. They are starting to get back a normal dog shape and look less like a brick with legs and a head. They are really enjoying that we are home all the time and we like that they sit next to us while we work.

This week we had some fairly cold days, some of which required us to dig out our winter jackets for us and the puppies. We generally don't like ant temperatures below 70 and with the rain and clouds that we've been having, the weather has not been to our liking. Being under stay at home orders and having bad weather doesn't make it any easier.

On Wednesday we had a laundry adventure. We skipped doing laundry over the weekend so that we could focus on getting outside during a short period of good weather and Saturday it rained all day. With a late shift on Tuesday, we decided Wednesday after work would be our best shot at getting laundry done. With public buildings in the campground being closed for cleaning every 2 hours, the open hours of the laundry room don't match up well with our work break schedules. The current hours are 8-10, 12-2, 3-5, and 6-8. We got out at 3:30 and figured it was too late to start without having the clothes get stuck through a cleaning period so we waited until 6. We were are the door at 5:45 and were let in at 6. After putting the clothes in the washers, we came back home to make dinner. Laurie went back in 30 minutes to switch the clothes to the dryer and one washer hadn't run at all. It took the money, pretended to wash and the clothes were still dry. So she took them and put them in a different washer and continued on. She sent a message about the broken washer to the office and her concern that now there may not be enough time to dry those clothes and went home. We finished cooking dinner and went back to the laundry at 7:45 when the dryers finished. The door was already locked. Laurie called the office to see about rescuing the clothes, especially since there was a load that was still wet in the washer. She was able to get let in and take the clothes out of the dryer and move the others to the dryer but, she would have to come back tomorrow to get that last load from the dryer. Bummer. We were able to get the clothes the next day but also learned some valuable lessons. Don't wait for the last time period to do laundry, do laundry on the weekends when there is more time, and be at the laundry before the machines finish to deal with any possible issues.

On Thursday we had nice weather so we put some Korean beef in the instapot and went for a bike ride around the campground. On Friday we drove to the Cat truck scales to find out what we needed to do to be able to weigh our RV. We found out that they were open 24/7 and no appointment was necessary. So we headed home to plan our Saturday and how we would move our home for the first time since moving in. There was a lot of work to be done.

We first packed everything inside that was mobile or might move around while we were driving. Heavy items went under the dinette, everything came off the walls, glass was tucked away, and we secured everything we could think of the best way we knew how. We disconnected all the outside cables and hoses and set the RV up to tow. We made a video of the experience and it can be found here.

We got to the weigh station safely, pulled onto the scales and spoke with the person inside who activated the scales and then went inside to get our paper slip with our weights on it. You can see what our weights were and if we need to buy a new tow vehicle to stay safe in our video. When we got back to the campground we did everything in reverse to set the RV back up for living. Nothing broke! The Berkey did fall over and it is filtering very slowly now but, we will disassemble it, clean it, and reprime the filters to see if that helps. Also, our new plant fell over in the sink and lost some dirt but, nothing terrible.

Sunday we had a great breakfast grilled in the outdoor kitchen by Dom. He made maple sausage and bacon while Laurie toasted bagels with cream cheese. We took the dogs for a long walk and worked on videos and posts for the rest of the day. We even figured out how to give our Patrons early access to our videos as a perk and to thank them for their support. If you would like to become a Patron please check out our page here.

Well, that was a super busy and interesting week! A lot happened and we got a lot accomplished. See you for next weeks thrilling episode of Days of our Quarantine!

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