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Week 9: Tripp goes biking, open trails, window upgrades, and the Omnia Oven

Another week and more good news! On Monday, Tripp started learning to run next to a bike. He will never be a full fledged trail dog due to his size and age but, he can earn some faster paced exercise. He did great, he was a little hesitant at first but he got the hang of what he needed to do pretty quickly. I started by sitting on the bike and just walking with my feet, this gave me a slow pace and an easy way to stop in case he decided to run between the wheels. He kept an appropriate distance from the bike and walked quickly next to me. Then I started pedaling to pick up the pace a little. Tripp hasn't figured out yet that he can run on a leash so I couldn't get going too fast but we got up to about 4-5 mph I think.

After 5 mins of working with Tripp we gave him a break and we went out for a bike ride around the neighborhood. We rode for 8.8 miles. We have a pretty good route that we ride that keeps us away from too many people and still allows us to get some exercise in.

On Tuesday our favorite local off-road biking trail opened for the first time since Januray-ish. We packed up immediately after finishing work and drove straight there. When we arrived every parking lot was overflowing with cars, they spilled onto the grass and lined the street. We found a spot in the grass in the third parking lot. We had a good ride and it was nice to be back on the dirt again. We rode 7.73 miles and our ride can be found on Strava.

On Wednesday we worked on blog posts and Instagram posts as well as released to the public the video of us weighing the trailer, which can be seen here. Please subscribe to be notified when new videos come out. Moving the trailer for the first time since we moved in was scary but we did awesome. Nothing broke, we got there safely and we found out how much our trailer weighs fully loaded. We were concerned about the weight because we know that the trailer is already heavier than we would like for what we are towing with and we added the weight of all of our stuff, we thought it may be over what we can safely tow or stop. To find out if we have to buy a new tow vehicle, check out the video!

Thursday was another late shift so I spent the morning working on blog posts and catching up on a few things that needed to be done around the RV then got to work. Friday was a chore day, we picked up mail, cut Dom's hair, and washed the laundry. We also got to spend some time talking with our good friends Jeff and Darcy at The Smith Family Ranch. It was great catching up with them and planning our next trip to head out their way.

Saturday we rode all of Erwin for the first time in many months. Our total ride was 9.34 miles. We started at the open field that we usually skip and it ended up being the perfect place to warm up and get our blood flowing and ready for the ride. When we got home we cooked 2 T-bone steaks to make sure our little outdoor kitchen grill could handle it. We also cooked some burgers and had a movie night. Odd Thomas is a great movie!

On Sunday we decided to upgrade our window in our door. Dom found a wonderful replacement with tinted glass and a pull down blackout shade! We took some short lens clips while we were swapping it out and posted them to Patreon. We wanted to make a video but, our tripod isn't arriving until mid-May. It took both of us using both hands the whole installation so there was just no option to film the whole process. We are very happy that we decided to upgrade the window though. Now we can see outside, it lets more light in and the blackout shade keeps it darker inside at night and provides privacy.

We also opened and tried out our new Omnia oven. This is a Swedish oven that can be used on an open flame to bake! We first heard about it from Mandy Lea then again from We Are The Russos. For a first test, we made triple chocolate cake muffins. We had to divide the box mix into 4ths due to the small size which was perfect for us since we don't eat many sweets anyway. We wanted to make something not so sweet but all baking ingredients other than boxed mixes were sold out at the grocery store. I guess people in our area are still panic buying. It was a good day, we got a lot done and the weather was beautiful. We can't wait to share next week with you.

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