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Weeks 5 & 6 Social Distancing

Due to a lack of a whole lot happening because of the stay-at-home orders in place that we are under, I’m combining weeks 5 & 6 together. We have been trying to stay inside as much as possible and only going out when we need to or once in a while to get a little exercise. During week 5 we were both able to start working from home. This is great practice for us to figure out how to make it work when we both need to be on the phone and how to set up two computers at the same time. We did choose correctly when picking out our camper with a larger dinette area as we planned for enough space that we could both be working at the same time.

On Tuesday we rode 5 miles around the RV park since all the local trails are closed due to the rain we’ve been having lately. We were able to maintain at least 6 feet between us and others. It was nice to be back on the bikes even if it was for just 5 miles and on pavement, beggars can’t be choosers. Laurie had a late shift at her work from Wednesday through Friday which was definitely tougher than when we were going into the office. It meant making some changes to how we operate. Laurie was able to make breakfast before logging on and Dominic ended up cooking lunch so that we could still eat together around our normal time and on Laurie’s 15 minute break. Being flexible is important when completely changing your lifestyle and especially when going tiny.

Friday we had a movie night. Cold and wet weather meant that we have not gotten to get outside very much this week. We decided to take this time to relax a little and let our brains rest from the non-stop news of the outside world and the virus. On Saturday, we needed to replace the battery in the X5 as it had died. We are pretty sure that our dashcam was the final straw on the old battery, it kept turning itself on at random times for no reason. We were lucky that Auto Zone was open for curbside pick up and Dom didn’t have to have a lot of contact with another person. We also finished up paying off the last of the utilities from the house and closing everything out. On Sunday we rode our bikes again but this time, we went out to the street where there were less people and rode a few miles. Laurie also got to participate in her book club which changed their meetings to online to meet with social distancing guidelines. So far, even with all the changes that have had to be put in place quickly, everyone seems to be adjusting pretty well and changing how they do everything to comply with rules which help to keep us all more safe.

Week 6 and we are still working from home, a blessing to still be working and not having to go into the office. Monday night we watched another movie, I know super exciting. Staying at home doesn’t make for super exciting content. Tuesday was another late shift for Laurie 10:30 AM to 7PM, so we didn't get to do too much after work.

Wednesday we finally had some decent weather and were able to sit outside for awhile after work and enjoy the sunshine and relax while chilling with the adventure pups. We also made a mail run to pick up our mail, which is being held while we are out “travelling”, plans we put in place before the virus shut any hope of travel down. Thursday we spent some time answering questions placed to us as an interview by The Roamin’ Rods, another full time RV couple. We feel so blessed to have this opportunity to share our story with a larger audience. Please check them out on Instagram and their website at On Saturday and Sunday we were able to walk the puppies for a while around the campground and stretch their little feet. They were getting a little cabin fever with the rest of us. It was good to be outside again after a few days couped up. We still were able to not see many people and the couple we did see, we were able to keep the whole street width between us.

Social distancing and sheltering in place are new concepts for any of us. We hope that you are staying healthy and safe.

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