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Finally, sunglasses that work! 😎

😎 We are super excited to announce that we are now Citrus Eyewear product 🕶 Ambassadors!

We have partnered with Citrus Eyewear sunglasses company because we love the product. In the coming months we will tell you all about different models and options.

In the meantime, here is a little background on how this exciting venture was born.

🚙🚃 We have been full time RVing since Feb of 2020 and since then we've been progressively riding mountain bike trails in 12 states and rode over hundreds of trails. Needless to say, sunglasses are important to us for maximum ride quality! Our ultimate goal is to ride trails in all 50 🇺🇲.

🚵‍♂️ 🚵‍♀️Throughout our experience in riding in all types of weather, we found two very important things that matter to us when shopping for new sunglaases;

1️⃣ Face coverage is important to prevent debris and bugs ruining your ride.

2️⃣ Transition lenses.

If you want to own a pair or two of these awesome sunglasses, please use our discount code below and save 💸20% during checkout.

🏷Coupon code CYOA20🏷

Having a pair or sunglasses that work exactly the way you want is crucial to having the best time while shredding trails, period!

Visit Citrus Eyewear website 👉

Happy adventuring ❤

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