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So you want to buy a new mountain bike but not quite sure what you should do? - 📖 read on

Just like with any other sport, it's very important to have the right equipment for the right job. Besides, the bottom line is this; if the bike you ride matches your riding style and fits you properly, that will highly increase your chances of making the most of your time riding on a trail. Believe it or not, it may even help you ride safer too.

This week I'll quickly dig in into a few useful pointers to consider when shopping for a new mountain bike. Make sure to coment below if you have any questions or need help deciding which bike to get. Let's dig in!

We are riding all over the country and we love full suspension setup, period!

⬆️ Full suspension bikes tend to weigh slightly more than hard-tail bikes generally speaking. However, due to the suspension on the front fork and a shock on the rear triangle, the terrain absorption makes the ride a lot more smoother. Which in return will minimize fatigue over long rides vs. hard-tail. Full suspension setup can also aid with riding techniques such as; bunny hop and pump.

⬆️ Hard-tail bikes are known for nimble and aggressive riding experience and can weigh less than full suspension bikes but with more terrain feel. So which setup is right? Well this is the first important item to check off the list. There are pros and cons to both types. However, one has to fit better than the other for each and every one of us.

👉 Let's address these important items listed not in order of importance:

1️⃣ What type of riding are you expecting to do? Technical, flowy, downhill, Enduro, all-mountain, or maybe all of them.

2️⃣ If you have a limited budget in mind it's important to note that as well.

3️⃣ Will you consider traveling to other trails to ride your bike or just ride local trails?

4️⃣ Choosing the right size and geometry.

5️⃣ Choosing frame material; alloy, steel or carbon.

6️⃣ Supporting your local bike shop with the new bike purchase can help you in so many ways down the road.

I have gone through all of these steps myself learning the hard way when I started my mountin biking journey across the United States just short three years ago. All of the experience that I have was earned out on the trail and wrenching on my own bike with some help from great fellow riders and friends along the way. Furthermore, I evaluated 12 different brands/models before I decided to purchase the bike I have today. I can tell you how to do this.

So the main reason I started the blog about mountain biking is to be able to help people, make great fiends and share our awesome mountain biking experiences with you.

If you like this post and the content we would greatly appreciate if you would like and comment. It helps us knowing that what we do can make a difference and is the best reward we could have.

Also, please check out our YouTube channel 👉

Until next post, safe riding and have fun!

- Dom

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