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Week 47: More RV Fixes and Travel to AR

What a busy week! Monday started with a busy work day for both of us coupled with talking to banks and the realtor trying to get all the paperwork to match up and be correct for a house in Bella Vista, AR. RV Rescue came out and replaced the shower drain pipe and while they were here we mentioned that we saw online that someone else in an Apex trailer had found the source of an intermittent bad smell to be a clogged black tank exhaust on the roof. While we were talking the smell happened and he said that it was not black tank but, grey tank that we were smelling. He checked under the kitchen sink stating that there is a filter under there. We had no filter. He showed us what it looked like in the home depot app and where it should be. For just $7 we could fix an issue we'd had for months because the manufacturer forgot a piece while assembling the RV, unlike the issue they were there to fix which was much more expensive but caused by a similar issue of not properly supporting the shower tub and using plastic instead of the metal pipes they were supposed to use per the manufacturer. We also scheduled for them to come back later in the week to install the tank heating pads we'd bought and run the wiring to have them operate on 12V or 110V with an inline inverter. After work we headed to Lowe's for the grey tank filter and added supports for under the shower. We also spoke with my mom to help us with questions about the mortgage offers as this is her area of expertise. She was super helpful, we took notes and wrote down questions to ask the lender and realtor.

Wednesday we received the loan information and real-estate contract. After looking them over and writing down our questions, we called our friend who is both a realtor and mortgage loan processor to get more clarity. We also wrote up our timeline of when everything needed to be done by and in what order. Then it was chores time with me doing laundry and Dom working on getting the shower properly supported underneath. 

Thursday the RV Rescue guys were back out to add the tank heaters to the black and grey tank. They did a nice job of running the wires, cleaning the tanks underneath and applying the heater pads. While they were under the RV, they noticed that the fresh water tank bracket had broken and the tank was hanging and leaking. They added longer screws and reattached the support bracket for us. They advised that the bracket was barely able to hold the empty tank and not likely to be able to be used at more than 30% capacity while parked.  They said that we should definitely not travel with water in the tank. We had heard many stories on the Facebook group for Apex owners of this happening so while we were not surprised; we were even more glad to already have a house in the works. Hopefully this RV can last until we can close! We thought buying a new RV would give us some time before having major issues but so far we've had: a broken sail switch in the furnace on day 1, the fan cover blew off from a weak closing mechanism, the DVD player shorted out from an exposed/not plugged in wire, water leaks in the walls with rain, an unsupported shower tub leading to a broken pipe upon normal use of the shower, a water leak in the pass through storage with rain, trim pieces falling off due to being stapled in rather than nailed, the box under the bed had a wall break because it was stapled together instead of screwed, a missing grey tank filter, the fresh water tank support bracket broke under less than normal use (we filled it ⅔ twice to boondock 1 night each time), a bent rim from day 1 causing a leaky tire, the stabilizer jacks were rusted on day 1, and the shelves in the pantry falling down due to poor materials used in construction. This is all in less than 1 year. It was time to have a relaxing night so we watched movies with the puppies and went to bed.

Friday after work we picked up our mail and said a temporary goodbye to our neighbors and friends who've been helping us and told them about our plans of getting closer to buying a house. We also walked the puppies around the campground and said goodbye to some friends we've made there and told them of our plans. We got sushi takeout from our favorite place, Love Sushi since we won't be back for a while and we've never found sushi that good anywhere else. If you ever find yourself in the far north Dallas area of Little Elm Texas, this place is a must stop. 

Saturday morning we got a late start since we ran out of propane in the night and woke up pretty cold. We snuggled in bed while the RV warmed up after Dom switched the tank over. After coffee we packed everything up and hit the road. A quick stop at Dunkin for breakfast and we made our way up to Oklahoma and across to Arkansas. We were headed back to the Blowing Springs Campground in Bella Vista.

This campground allows up to a 2 week stay for POA non-members and using it as your basecamp, you can ride to over 80 miles of mountain bike and hiking trails. No car needed. They have RV sites, tent camping, and a small cabin. There are bathrooms with showers and a laundry room which takes quarters. There is also a small shopping center right down the road with groceries, Sonic, Mexican and Asian restaurants and a pet supplies store. These are also easily accessible by bike. The people hospital is across the street from the animal hospital just before the shopping center so this campground has everything you could need in less than a half mile.

Sunday was our first full day back in Bella Vista. We celebrated with a pancake breakfast then headed out to the house to meet the realtor for a walk through. We got to check out the amazing backyard which is the biggest reason we like this house, it backs up to the newest trail sysyem in the area, Little Sugar. We also checked out a possible storage area for the RV. They have both inside and outside storage for RVs. We measured the opening to see if we would fit. The side to side will fit, tightly but we will have to remove the cell booster to fit top to bottom. We drove around the area and explored for most of the rest of the day.

It was a busy and exciting week. We can't wait to share our next week with you to see what it will bring.

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