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Week 50: Riding, Woods Monsters, and Drac's Birthday

Monday afternoon we rode the Rabbit Hole Loop in the opposite direction from last time. The climb was a lot shorter when ridden this way. We rode the road down past the school, around the soccer fields and out to the Veterans Memorial. We then took Sally trail to the beginning of Rabbit Loop and rode that back out to the school. This allowed for more downhill riding overall. We finished it off by taking the Cooper Connector to the Blowing Springs Loop and back to the campground. It was pretty cold out, 43°, which made the ride harder for me. Not every ride will be the best one, we just keep getting out there and pedaling.  Tuesday Dom rode around the campground and filmed a very nice tour for anyone that is interested in staying in the area. You can find the video here. He did a tour and pointed out all the features and some interesting information about the area. After work we did the laundry and called it a night since it was groundhog day and that big rat said six more weeks of winter. lol Wednesday Dom edited his campground tour video and was able to post it to YouTube. At night when I took the puppies out to potty, I heard what sounded like a large animal in the woods that I couldn't see. I quickly brought them inside and Dom and I went back out with stronger lights to see if we could figure out what it was. We were pretty convinced that it was the mountain lion that people kept seeing on cameras throughout the neighborhood. We didn't stay outside long to figure it out. However, while taking to the interwebs to see what the neighborhood thought, a few people brought up a really good suggestion based on my description of the behavior, it was probably an armadillo.  Thursday Dom worked on his video of Powderhorn Mountain, where he rode the downhill trail that was the last straw in convincing us that we needed new, higher quality bikes this past summer. That video can be found here. He also put together our new intro for 2021. He did an amazing job on both videos. The intro will be in front of every video we post in 2021, we plan to update it every year going forward so subscribe to our YouTube channel here to stay up-to-date! After work we washed the bikes and covered them in preparation for our travel day on Saturday.

Friday was Drac's 8th birthday. We built him a "cake" out of banana slices, peanut butter, training treats and topped it all with some raw food dust. They both sat for pictures and then ate so fast that we had to stop them a couple times to avoid choking. It was a successful birthday for the most cuddly dog we know. Happy Birthday Drac!

Saturday we packed up and drove from Bella Vista, AR to Aubrey, TX and back to the campground that we've stayed at the most in preparing for full time travel. Now that we are a little more free to travel, we plan to get a few more things sorted out before leaving again. It was an uneventful ride, thankfully, and we grabbed some Greek food for dinner before putting on a movie. Sunday we drove to Fort Worth, TX to ride Gateway Park. We did not record it as the trail was 99% green circle. It is a hard packed dirt trail with a couple of jump lines. Every feature has a B line that is just flat. The whole trail is 3 miles and we looped it a few times. They have several Porta potties at the trailhead but they were all full, no paper, and trashed. They had been serviced on Friday, no more than 2 days prior. There were tons of people attending soft ball games and a bunch of disk golfers. This place was packed. We double masked and hoped for the best. While we were in that area, we headed over to Trek Bikes of Arlington to pick up the new bolt for my rear shock that had arrived rusted with my new bike. We will be replacing that shortly.

It was an interesting week. We got a lot accomplished for Create Your Own Adventure with videos and we traveled. Celebrating Drac's Birthday was fun and we still got to ride twice in one week. We can't wait to see what next week brings. See you next week!

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