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Useful items to always bring on any ride

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Here is a list of items that we carry in our backpacks when we go biking with links to the listings on Amazon.

1. Extra water, with and without Skratch hydration added

2. Pocket knife

3. Multi-tool

4. Hand-held size air pump for tires

5. Hand sanitizer

6. Biker's first aid kit

7. Mountable flashlights

8. Protein bars

9. Spare chain quick links

10. Chain tool

11. Spare tube, even though we run tubeless this is still important in case we get a sliced tire.

12. Shock pump

Extra items Laurie carries for comfort

1. Eye drops

2. Headband with ear coverage - for windy days

3. Chapstick

4. Foam ear plugs also for cold and windy days

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