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Drac’s First Day At The Beach

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Adventure Pup Drac has lived a pretty cushy life. He has many fluffy and supportive beds, he eats top shelf food twice a day and gets teeth cleaning treats and regular treats everyday. He gets snuggles on the couch and even “Shirt Time” where he sleeps zipped up in one of our hoodies usually while we watch a movie, as well as “Big Bed Time” where he gets to take a nap in our bed after waking up in the morning. But, he had never seen sand or the beach before. We took a trip to South Padre Island in TX and brought the Adventure Pups along. Tripp had previous beach experience in Myrtle Beach, SC when he was a year old so he knew what to expect once we arrived. He smelled that sea air and knew immediately that he wanted nothing to do with that unpredictable moving ocean water. He is ok with the sand but doesn’t trust the waves. He walks up to smell the water then runs away like a little sand piper.

Puppy Drac however, did the worst thing he could possibly do at his first sight of a sandy beach. He stuck his face in the sand like an ostrich to rub his eyes. Then after his whole face was covered in sand, he tried to rub the sand off with his sandy paws which of course made everything worse as he rubbed even more sand in his eyes. Seeing his troubles, Laurie picked him up and we all rushed back down the boardwalk to the car where we had some bottled water. We splashed his face and gently rubbed all the sand off before he could damage his eyes. Now with a wet head and enough excitement for one beach trip, we got back in the car to try again another day, this time with water and towel in hand.

The next beach trip went much better about a year later. Drac had learned quickly not to stick his face in the sand. This time he ran in the sand like it was the best thing to ever touch his feet. He looked so happy with his “Crazy Face”, pictured below. Tripp is not really a runner so much as a sprinter but he ran with us as well. Seeing Drac run was amazing and brought us so much joy. He had been paralyzed only 7 months earlier and now he was running, something we thought might never again be possible for him. For more on that story, please see our other blog post “Drac was paralyzed! How we helped him heal, walk, and run again” as well as this video.

The beach is one of our favorite places to be. We love the ocean, the sand, and the sun. The adventure pups love sunbathing and Drac loves digging and running in the sand. Together the pups have been to South Padre Island beach and Destin beach twice each as of the writing of this post. We look forward to showing them many more beaches in the future.

Here is a video of little Drac in South Padre Island, TX and Destin, FL

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