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Pupdate #1

Hello everyone! Welcome to our first pupdate, where we share our amazing puppy life with you, our fans. First, a little background on us. We are Tripp and Drac the Adventure Pups. We live with our parents in an RV full time and travel to new places with all new smells and plenty of new pee-mail to check. We get to go for lots of walkies and meet new friends. We have custom-made beds and our own little spot in the trailer where we keep our toys and hang out when we aren't outside adventuring. We have a pretty cushy life as first world pups, we eat twice a day, always have fresh clean water, we have more toys than we can play with, treats everyday, and we get to hang out with our pack all the time. It really is all a puppy could dream of.

We've been living in a much smaller kennel for 7 weeks now. There isn't as much room for zoomies but, we go on more walks now so I guess it's ok. I, Tripp, miss my big kennel where I had my own spots to get away and be by myself, there is nowhere to get away from everyone now. I've also wanted more snuggles lately, what's that about? Snuggles do keep me away from the Bat so that is one bonus.

Hey guys! It's me, Drac. I love our new kennel, I get more time to lay in the big bed, I'm always close to Tripp so that I can make sure he is only doing things that I like, and my people are home more now so I get more snuggles and treats. Going for more walks is nice but I get tired pretty fast and need to be carried. I hope this shelter in place thing lasts forever because I really like my people staying with me all day everyday.

We hope you are all doing well out there and staying home with your people and puppies. Stay safe and healthy and we will talk to you again soon.

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