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Pupdate #3


Wednesday 5/13/2020, was a fun day for me, Drac. My day started out nicely, I woke up and was brought to the big bed for a quick nap. I love big bed naps, I wedge myself between the pillows and stuff my face in the pillow to block the bright light from my eyes for better sleep. After a time, that was not enough, I was called to go outside for potty time. I obliged and took a quick trip outside, did my business and ran back inside.

Next was breakfast, my third favorite time of the day, second only to movie time in the big bed and snuggles. Today my food was different, it was a new bag of food from the same brand but there were no raw bits like usual. Lucky for me, my mom bought a big bag of just raw bits so that I always get at least 2 raw bits in my bowl every meal. She was able to supplement for the lack of raw bits in the new bag of food. In the afternoon we went for a walk and met up with my new best friend, Pepper. We got to walk together for a whole mile around the campground! My little feet were tired but I had so much fun. 

On Thursday, we got to go for a different kind of walk. We went for a car ride and then we got out and put on our leashes. We went for a walk, not on the sidewalk like usual but in the woods! Our feet walked through dirt the whole time, it felt nice and soft but it was a lot more work. There were more hills and parts where we had to climb and use all of our might to get up or down a hill with roots and steps built into the ground. There was even a river and I got to play in it, I was really brave and I walked across the river. Sometimes my mom needed to help me by standing down stream so I didn’t slip and had something to brace against. The water never passed my knees but the rocks were slippery. This was my favorite part of the walk. I like to play in water and dig up rocks and chase leaves that are floating downstream. I don’t like to be in deep water or swim though. This was the perfect amount of water.

We walked for 1.14 miles but it felt like a lot longer. It was pretty hot out and very humid. My mom and dad plan for Texas weather though and we took lots of breaks whenever our tongues were out, we were offered water (which we mostly refused as we only like to drink from our water bowl at home), and we got water placed on our feet, ears and bellies to keep us cool. They also brought and wore backpacks that we could’ve been carried in if we got too tired. It was a great day and we can’t wait to take more walks in the woods.

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